Takeshi Kitano’s new wife(Kiyoko Yokoi) and his child(Shoko Kitano)


Takeshi Kitano’s new wife and his child

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Takeshi Kitano, also known as Beat Takeshi,

was married to Mikiko for almost 40 years.

They wed in the early 80s.

Mikiko has managed to stay out of the spotlight

for the majority of Takeshi’s entire career.

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They had one child together, Shoko Kitano.


it was announced that they divorced.

After his divorce from Mikiko,

Takeshi Kitano married to Kiyoko Yokoi.


Takeshi Kitano’s child, Shoko Kitano

Shoko Kitano - IMDb

Shoko Kitano, born on October 5, 1982 in Tokyo,

Japan12, is the daughter of Takeshi Kitano.

She is known for her role

in the movie “Fireworks” in 199712.

In the 90s,

Shoko also pursued a music career

under Avex Entertainment,

produced by Yoshiki from X Japan.


her music career was criticized

for being built on nepotism.

Shoko Kitano – 薔薇と緑 (1998, CD) - Discogs

Here are a nice picture of her and dad.

17. Shoko KITANO (ft. YOSHIKI) - Bara to Midori (Single) - X JAPAN // Eternal Collection


Takeshi Kitano’s new wife, Kiyoko Yokoi 

ビートたけしの奥さん | Keep On Shining!

Beat Takeshi (real name: Takeshi Kitano)’s current wife is Kiyoko Yokoi.

She also has management duties.

She remarried director Takeshi Kitano in 2020, and at that time she was 18 years younger than him.

Also, as for her real name, it is said that “Kiyoko Yokoi” is a pseudonym.

It is said that the office “T.Ngon” to which Takeshi Kitano belongs was founded in 2015 by Takeshi Kitano and his remarriage partner.

At that time, the name “Emiko Yoshida” was listed as the representative director.

However, it was not possible to confirm it because it is not currently listed.

The age of the remarriage partner is 58 years old as of May 2023, which is 18 years younger than Takeshi Kitano.

In addition,

she graduated from a junior high school in her hometown of Kumamoto and established a hotel business company, and from her experience as a hostess and luxury hotel in Ginza, she seems to be a person who is attentive.

According to him,

Takeshi Kitano and his remarriage partner first met at a bar in 2012 or 2013.

After that, they hit it off and started dating.

At that time, Takeshi Kitano was 65 years old, and his remarried partner was 47 years old.

However, at that time, Takeshi Kitano was still married and had an ex-wife.

The two married in 2020 after eight years of dating.




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