Nobi Ochiai’s now and home! His wife’s picture and child (Nobuhiko Ochiai)

Nobi Ochiai’s child(Nobuhiko Ochiai)


Nobuhiko Ochiai’s child is Yoichi Ochiai. He was born on September 16, 19871.

Yoichi Ochiai is a Japanese academic and media artist.

He has a doctorate from the University of Tokyo and is an associate professor at the University of Tsukuba Library.

He is also an Information and Media Associate Professor and Director of the Centre for Digital Nature Development and Research.

So as his father, Nobi Ochiai, his child Yoich Ochiai

is also very much intelligent person.


Nobi Ochiai wife(Nobuhiko Ochiai)

落合陽一の家族 | 祖父は官僚、父落合信彦、著名空手家、レディガガ主治医、嫁MBA、息子の逆境

Books written by Nobi Ochiai,

no information about his wife was not

found, but

there are following information found in the internt.

His wife was Cabin attendant in a airplane company.

Then he met her in a planet when he return to Japan

after a successful oil business in USA.

Further information about his wife is that

after she retires cabin attendant,

she run company related with satellite broadcasting

and worked as a music producer.

From these information above,

she looked very intelligent person as well as

Nobi Ochiai.

In  fact, Nobi Ochiai used to say in his book that he likes a intelligent lady.


Nobi Ochiai’s home (Nobuhiko Ochiai)


About Nobi Ochiai’s residence,

no information was in internet.

But he used to say that he live in hotel to write his books.

Then his child and his wife went to the hotel

once a week to meet him.

Now he is already old so

will no be writing as he used to do,

so he may live based on his private home

or apartment store.

He also said in his book that

residence must a place where you can comfortably work.

In his sense, tower apartment store’s higher class might be his residence.

Because it is silent where he can concentrate on his work and gyms and supermarket within working distance.

If we got new information, we let you know here.



He now got elder then his outlooks is not same as before.

But his works written in his books are still my asset.

I read many books of him although nobody around me was reading it only my brother liked him and

recommended to read his works.

His words are very strong but what he meant is very simple.

Work hard and get stronger then he can survive.




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